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    Relieve stress or muscular pain

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Thai Oil Combination Massage

Thai Oil Combination Massage

This massage includes some of the features used in Thai Traditional Massage but generally employs long flowing strokes and sliding or gliding using hands and elbows along the body providing a full body oil massage that caters for different needs of clients e.g. deep tissue, remedial, or relaxation massage etc.

Like Thai Traditional Massage it combines both physical and energetic aspects, with the aim of clearing blockages in energy lines, stimulating the flow of blood and lymph, reducing tension and soreness throughout the body, and improving circulation and range of motion in stiff and sore joints. Particularly good for toning muscles and flexibility. Only the best choice of natural massage oils are used.

By the end, the client will feel relaxed and energized, in an almost dreamlike state, and sometimes with reduced pain.