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    Have time out just for yourself

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    Relieve stress or muscular pain

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    relaxing comfortable environment

Apisara Hywood

To Pisa's Thai Massage

Come and see the lovely Thai lady Pisa and you will have the best massage on the south side of Adelaide, at an affordable price. Situated in the Seaford area, Pisa offers a relaxing air conditioned setting where you can escape your stresses and worries and feel pampered and rejuvenated.

Like many Thai people Pisa has a Buddhist religious and cultural background that traditionally emphasizes humility, honesty and compassion, and it is her sincere intention to provide you with the best outcome from your massage. Pisa always begins a massage with a short prayer asking to centre herself and clear the mind so you the client has her full attention. Pisa has been well trained in Thai massage but also has an intuitive understanding of what is required to release the energy blocks that cause whatever pain or discomfort you may have. Please note Pisa provides a strictly professional non sexual service.

Pisa received Thai traditional massage training at the famous Wat Pho Massage and Medicine school in Bangkok. This was followed up with extensive training at the TambonKlong 3 Vocational Training Centre of KlongluangPathumthani in Bangkok. She has also completed her Certificate 4 Massage with Australian College of Massage.